Volunteering just became so much better.

Decentralized Volunteering (DeVo) is bringing equal opportunity to
volunteers, donors, & those in need by harnessing the power of DAOs, DeFi, & NFTs.
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DeVo Protocol DAO

DeVo DAO will revolutionize volunteering and reward participants.

The 2.3 trillion-dollar philanthropy sector provides no incentive for volunteers and is riddled with inefficiencies. DeVo (Decentralized Volunteering) Protocol DAO will redefine volunteerism and become the new standard in the philanthropic space.

Utilizing a DAO, DeFi, and NFTs, DeVo:


Why DeVo is needed

Proof of Volunteering

Universities, companies, and various other institutions value volunteering. Keep track of your volunteer efforts, achievements, and reputation on the blockchain ledger.

Get Rewarded

Get rewarded for your volunteering efforts.

Get More Resources

Create a VO (Volunteer Organization) for the cause of your choice and apply for funding via DeVo's proposal system.

Obtain More Funding

DeVo is building liquidity pools and providing valuable infrastructure, grants, and donors aggregated in one portal for your convenience.

Locate Volunteers

Promptly connect with qualified, verified, and experienced volunteers.

Connect with Donors & Corporate Sponsors

Locate and connect with qualified and verified donors and corporate sponsors.

Donate Without Losing Money

Donate staked reward of your donation and maintain control of your principal.


See exactly where your donations are being spent.

Locate Help

For those who need help, DeVo is building critical infrastructure to source assistance and help through our volunteer & organizational network.






Ecosystem Architecture & Planning

Team Establishment

DAO Formation

Development & Marketing

Special Partner Engagement
Smart Contract Dev & Testing

Vault & Liquidity Pool Votes

Marketing & Exchange Partner Engagement

Onboarding Portal Architecture & Development
DAO and Community continue to further DeVo's mission via democratic and decentralized processes.
















DeVo is Conceptualized

After a discussion occurred in an open forum about how to best reconcile the issues of volunteering, those in need, the waste in major philanthropic entities and the need for more clairity, DeVo was conceptualized.

Architecture & Planning

Different communities were engaged and a DAO began to form to manage the creation of a Dapp, Protocol, and Governance for DeVo. Thus a long period of diligence emerged, as DeVo would require a grass routes effort.

DAO Formation Coordination

The DAO Formation is currently underway and the DAO is seeking founders to join in on revolutionizing the way we help each other. A lot community support is needed to realize the vision of Decentralized

DAO development

Constructing a functioning working community to contribute and effectively market will be a primary focus of the DAO post phase 1-2 formation periods.

Testnet Launch

Developed Contracts are deployed and submitted for audits, testing and to front end team for UX/UI testing

Mainnet Launch

Dapp with Marketplace, Registry, NFT DiD's and various Proof of Concepts and more are integrated into live net.

DeVo DAO continues the Mission!

Engaging Community, Growth Strategies, Volunteers and Partners.


Peter Mikkelsen  |  Advisor

Crypto and blockchain pioneer. Founder of the Nordic Blockchain Association. COO of AISecureMe, an AI Powered Cyber Security Advisory firm. Board Member at Completion, a firm specializing in metaverse transformative art. Previous Director of Business Development at the Bitcoin Center and Zapp.

Morten Rongaard  |  Advisor

Pioneer in the fields of Blockchain, AI, NFT’s, and crypto. CEO of Reality Gaming Group, aiding global brands, such as Floyd Mayweather and Smighties, be part of the NFT Movement, in addition to developing innovative games and marketplaces that combine traditional gaming with new blockchain technology.

Adam Manka  |  Decentralized Operator

Specialist in development, automation, and architecture, Experience as a project manager, director, growth marketer, and developer on many successful crypto and blockchain projects, including Zapp. Co-Founder of Layer 3 Technologies and ForkedBlock. Previous Director at the Bitcoin Center.

Garrett Bratton  |  CMO

Harvard Business School Executive MBA graduate with Honours. Extensive background in numerous industries including technology, consulting, and pharmaceuticals. Founder of Gallant Solutions, a successful boutique consulting firm. Previous President of Business Development at Gracetree.

Isaac Wilson  |  Head of Business Dev

Project management, operations, and community growth expert. Whether leading complex projects at the Bitcoin Center or operations at Layer 3 Technologies, Isaac has and continues to drive a diverse set of crypto and blockchain projects to success.

Hamdee Khader  |  Co-Founder

Law and MBA student at the University of North Carolina. Graduated summa cum laude from North Carolina State University and has experience working at leading Fortune 500 companies including Citrix, MetLife, and NextEra Energy.

Ibrahim Khader  |  Co-Founder

Computer and electrical engineering graduate from North Carolina State University. Accomplished entrepreneur in numerous industries including healthcare, hospitality, and real estate. Co-Founder of Angels of Medical Care in Dubai, UAE.

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DeVo Mission Statement (Until formally Adopted by DAO)

Provide Volunteers, Charities, Orgnaizations, Donors, and those in need with help through a perpetually funded & fully Decentralized Organization.

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Who founded DeVo

DeVo was built by the blockchain community to improve our society.

Token Stats

  •    Proposed Token Supply: 600,000,000 DeVo
  •   Supply Mechanism: Elastic
  •  Proposed DAO Token Price: 1 DeVo = .30 USD
  • See more details in the White-paper

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