Volunteerism and Philanthropy Redefined

DeVO is a revolutionary protocol that tokenizes the $2.3T philanthropy sector, substantially rewarding utility token holders while simultaneously:
1) Provides unprecedented transparency, displaying where exactly donations are spent
2) Rewards, records, & verifies volunteers’ efforts
3) Provides valuable corporate services such as highly effective web-3-powered corporate advertising & recruitment

See How DeVO Works

DeVO Protocol's ecosystem seamlessly & transparently facilitates interactions between verified volunteers, volunteer organizations, corporations, and donors.

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Problems & Solutions

Current Problems in the Philanthropy Space
Lack of transparency in Philanthropy

Lack of donation allocation and spending transparency.

Lack of Corporate Services

Lack of high-value corporate services and investment appeal.

Lack of Volunteer Recognition

Lack of reward, record, and verification of volunteer efforts.

Problems Solved: The DeVO Ecosystem
Unprecedented Transparency

Unprecedented donation allocation & spending transparency.

High Value-Add Corporate Services

Cutting-edge web-3-powered corporate services such as advertising, recruitment, & data acquisition.

Volunteer Recognition

Rewarding, recording, & verifying volunteers' efforts

Core Components

Transparent, Seamless, and Verified Interactions

The decentralized application is the user-friendly platform where all parties interact with one another in a trustless format. These parties are:

  • Volunteers
  • Donors
  • Corporate entities
  • Volunteer organizations/individual projects

All users and projects are verified before onboarding to the protocol, thus enabling each user to seamlessly interact with other verified users. Every verified participant will receive a Decentralized Identifier, which identifies them as a verified participant. Furthermore, all verified goodwill actions are recorded with eNFTs.

The DeVO token has enhanced utility, summarized as: :

  • Corporate Services:

     a. Advertising through project sponsorships to an audience of millions, including to users such as volunteers, customers, & shareholders
     b. Corporate recruitment of highly skilled employees
     c. Data acquisition
  • DeVO Protocol Volunteer Rewards: DeVO Protocol volunteers will be continuously rewarded with DeVO tokens for their efforts, leading to an exponential increase in users and substantial ecosystem growth
  • Contract Interaction Fees: Millions of user interactions within the ecosystem require contract interaction fees
  • Governance: Governance and ownership of the entire protocol, including yield and future DAO initiatives.
  • Yield: Yield contributes to an evergreen ecosystem aiming to aggressively earn, invest, grow, and incentivize users.

Transparency & Governance:

DeVO Protocol provides unprecedented transparency through numerous mechanisms, including eNFTs, milestone-based funding, verification by on-the-ground volunteers, & escrow smart contracts.

DeVO Protocol leverages decentralized voting, funding allocations, and an accountability system based on volunteer and organization efforts


  • Ecosystem Architecture & Planning
  • Team Establishment
  • DAO Formation
  • Funding
  • Development & Marketing
  • Special Partner Engagement
  • Smart Contract Dev & Testing
  • Vault & Liquidity Pool Votes
  • Marketing & Exchange Partner Engagement
  • Onboarding Portal Architecture & Development
  • DAO and Community continue to further DeVO's mission via democratic and decentralized processes.
Use Cases

  • Proof Of Volunteering: Universities, companies, and various other institutions value volunteering. Keep track of your volunteer efforts, achievements, and reputation on the blockchain ledger.
  • Get Rewarded: Get rewarded for your volunteering efforts.
  • Start Your Own Project: Create a VO (Volunteer Organization) for the cause of your choice and apply for funding via DeVO's proposal system and connect with verified donors and corporate entities.
Volunteer Organizations
  • More Funding: Acquire funding directly from the DAO and connect with verified donors and corporations.
  • Find Verified & Qualified Volunteers: Promptly connect with qualified, verified, and experienced volunteers.
  • Retain Volunteers: Lower volunteer turnover rate due to increased rewards and recording of volunteer contribution
  • Transparency: See exactly where donations are being delivered to and spent through verified milestone-based funding.
  • Donate Without Losing Value: Donate staked yield of your donation and maintain control of your principal.
  • Access To Verified Grassroot Projects: Connect with verified volunteer-initiated projects
  • Increased recognition of goodwill efforts: All goodwill efforts are displayed on the protocol in a transparent manner
  • High Value-Add Services:: Acquire high value-add services such as powerful web-3-corporate advertising & recruitment
  • Transparency: See exactly where donations are being delivered to and spent through verified milestone-based funding

Adam Manka Decentralized Operator

Leading expert in development, automation, economics, and architecture. Previous CEO of ZAP Protocol. During his tenure, Adam led ZAP Protocol to become the top-performing asset of 2019 ($400,000 to $400,000,000 Market Cap). Previous CEO of the Blockchain Center.

Morten Rongaard Advisor

Pioneer in the fields of blockchain, AR, NFTs, and cryptocurrency. CEO of Reality Gaming Group, aiding global brands, such as BBC, ITV, Sandbox, and Procycling be part of the NFT Movement, in addition to developing innovative products helping traditional web2 companies transition into web3 using their proprietary platform.

Jason Stevens Special Advisor - 12 Butterflies

Prominent Blockchain Philanthropist, founding and facilitating cutting edge initiatives that satisfy UN SDG and tackling ESG challenges via innovation, investments and organized actions. Founder of 12 Butterflies, SDG/Web3 Consultancy & Ethica, first licensed exchange providing a platform for socially and environmentally conscious to earn & support causes with digital assets.

Fred Meyer CTO

20 years+ full stack development experience and several CTO and Project Manager positions. Founder of Vizuality Studios, raised $1.2M seed fund in 2014, founder of AKA Exchange - changing the way business consume data with web3. Founding member of Mellifex - web3 public escrows and investment management DApp.

Isaac Wilson Advisor

Project management, operations, and community growth expert. Whether leading complex projects at the Bitcoin Center or operations at Layer 3 Technologies, Isaac has and continues to drive a diverse set of cryptocurrency and blockchain projects to success.

Dr. James Gibson Chief Strategy Officer

CEO of PMO Solutions Inc. Doctorate in Business Administration – Project Management, Graduate with Distinction. Doctoral Dissertation on "The Lack of Adoption of Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency Applications by ERP Professional Services Firms" has filled many gaps in published academic literature.

Hamdee Khader Co-Founder

JD/MBA from the University of North Carolina. Graduated summa cum laude from North Carolina State University and has experience working at leading Fortune 500 companies including Citrix, MetLife, and NextEra Energy.

Ibrahim Khader Co-Founder

Computer and electrical engineering graduate from North Carolina State University. Accomplished entrepreneur in numerous industries including healthcare, hospitality, and real estate. Co-Founder of Angels of Medical Care in Dubai, UAE.