DeVO: The World We See

DeVO: The World We See

Imagine a world where a student could volunteer with their family and receive credit for their university degree. Imagine a world where a community leader in Sub-Saharan Africa could establish a project online to start a school in their community and receive the funding, support, and expertise to be able to realize that vision. Imagine a world where the Doctor who wants to help rural communities can receive funding for a project that will transform the lives of hundreds, thousands of people in areas that don’t yet have access to regular consistent medical care. Imagine a world where motivated individuals can start small-scale micro-community projects to transform their local areas, can clean up beaches, plant trees, or serve the elderly in the community.

DeVO Protocol offers the opportunity for people to imagine themselves making a difference. It dares them to dream big. DeVO is a system that enables changemakers to put their dreams, their visions out to the world so that those with the resources can come behind them and give financially or give of their time, their skill, to be able to see those visions and those dreams realized. So far, through traditional volunteering, that’s only been possible through larger organizations that have the resources and the manpower for any such initiatives.

DeVO Protocol is a DAO that is revolutionising the philanthropy space and tokenizing benevolence. New tech and Web3 are ushering in a unique perspective on sectors that have long been untouched. As we decentralise volunteering and put the power in the hands of people, we empower anyone anywhere to be an agent of change in their communities with transparency and accountability. In doing this, we’ll see exponential growth in the reduction of poverty and improvement in the quality of lives.

Imagine THAT world because that’s the world DeVO Protocol is endeavoring to bring about. Web3 and the Blockchain space offer unprecedented opportunities to do things differently. It offers unprecedented opportunities for people to make money in a whole new way. We are looking at doing good with an entirely new perspective that’s more efficient and more far-reaching and more empowering.

So we ask you today as you read this to come and join our community. Follow us on our social media channels. More than that, become an advocate for us. Become an advocate of this vision of the dream of what could be. Tell your friends, and your family. Engage in what it is we are doing. Sign-up as a volunteer on our website

We truly believe that whilst it seems a dream today, like many of the great world-changing businesses of the past 20 years, one day in the near future DeVO Protocol is going to be a name on the lips of people all over the globe and synonymous with philanthropy, synonymous with goodwill and change that impacted positively all of mankind.

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