Together against FRAUD!

Together against FRAUD!

There is a bright spot in the crypto world, there’s an alternative to the greed and corruption that is overwhelming the space.

That alternative is utilizing the absolute transparency of blockchain to counter the current situation, starting with philanthropy and extending to the rest of the blockchain space. DeVO Protocol will set the standards of verification & transparency for the entire blockchain industry. DeVO Protocol is an opportunity to join a project which represents the true face of blockchain: transparency and decentralization for the betterment of humanity.

There is a beautiful bright spot in the blockchain space that elevates above the corrupt & greedy FTX, Terra, money launderers, con artists, shit coins, and Dogecoin in addition to utility-less coins. This alternative is empowering human goodwill towards all good causes, whether it is helping the environment to saving animals.
Under the current circumstances, the star of goodwill and sustainability will shine brighter than ever, displaying the true face of blockchain technology which is to empower everyone everywhere.

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